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the Knock Knock Club

The Knock Knock Club are a new company who make the venue they are performing in the star of the show, specifically venues which are reportedly haunted. Researching their history and folklore they create terrifying and true theatre.


The Knock Knock Club Presents

Last Orders

They say this place is haunted.
Very haunted. 
So we decided to see for ourselves.

Since 1415 The Old Red lion has welcomed countless visitors through its doors, and some never left.
So we stayed overnight, turned on our cameras, pointed our microphones into the dark and asked 'who's there?'
In 'Last Orders' we present our findings - from the uncanny to the unnatural to the unexplainable - as more than 600 years of history clamours to be heard.

Warning: participation in our final experiment is at volunteers' own risk. 


Venue: The Old Red Lion


October 2019.

Tales of a frightful nature


Purveyors of the finest horror The Knock Knock Club return with a freshly-burnt batch of stories to chill the blood and curdle the spine. Commune with us by candlelight and hear what fresh terrors we've glimpsed in the darkness. We do not accept any responsibility for causing nightmares.

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meet the Knock Knock Club

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Reece Connolly The Believer

Reece Connolly is a playwright and theatre-maker of over 5 years, most recently with Offie-nominated, five star 'CHUTNEY' at The Bunker, produced by Flux Theatre. Has also received commissions from the Customs House South Shields, where he was Young Writer in Residence 2018 - 2019, as well as performing and producing as part of Red Cape Black Cape Theatre which he helped set up - they've had sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and London Horror Festival respectively.

'The Old Red holds a special place the heart of many theatre makers and goers through the years, and I'm no different. I'm excited and nervous to delve deeper into its rich history - both seen and unseen. And yes, I'm a believer. I grew up in a haunted house, I've had experiences, so I can't wait to see what we discover.'

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Caroline Buckley The Agnostic

Caroline Buckley is a writer and producer, she runs Plays Rough London as a platform for new, experimental writing in a safe and supportive space. Her last show was ‘Grab ‘Em by the Pussy’ a satirical musical. 

‘The Old Red Lion is one of those buildings you could believe has lungs; it’s lived a life. It’s wonderful to sit in it and feel as though you are now part of its history. I hope that we experience something paranormal on the ghost hunt. I want to be able to say I believe in ghosts, even though I am not quite able to say that yet.’

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Christopher Keegan The Sceptic

Christopher Keegan has worked as a professional actor for ten years performing with many companies including West Yorkshire Playhouse, Bath Theatre Royal, The Glasgow Citizens theatre, Bristol Old Vic, Shakespeares Globe, Warner Brothers and more. Christopher has studied magic and illusion and works as a performer and fabricator in the world of immersive entertainment.

“I'm a sceptic, I definitely do not believe in ghosts. But I am very excited to take inspiration from Harry Houdini and the great James Randy and put it to the test. I don’t think we will find anything
we can't explain, what we will find is the amazing history of one of Londons oldest pubs. The Old Red Lion is one of my favorite venues because of its incredible past.”

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