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They say this place is haunted.Very haunted.So we decided to see for ourselves.
Since 1415 The Old Red Lion has welcomed countless visitors through its doors, and some never left.So we stayed overnight, turned on our cameras, pointed our microphones into the dark and asked 'who's there?'In 'Last Orders' we present our findings - from the uncanny to the unnatural to the unexplainable - as more than 600 years of history clamours to be heard.Warning: participation in our final experiment is at volunteers' own risk.
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The seating options are Front row, Middle row, Back row.
Performance times to choose from:
Fri 11th Oct: 7.45pm
Sat 12th Oct: 2.30pm
Sat 12th Oct : 7.45pm
Sun 13th Oct: 2.30pm
Tue 15th Oct: 7.45pm
Wed 16th Oct: 7.45pm
Thu 17th Oct: 2.30pm
Thu 17th Oct: 7.45pm
Fri 18th Oct: 7.45pm
Sat 19th Oct: 2.30pm
Sat 19th Oct: 7.45pm
Sun 20th Oct: 2.30pm
Tue 22nd Oct: 7.45pm
Wed 23rd Oct: 7.45pm
Thu 24th Oct: 7.45pm
Fri 25th Oct: 7.45pm
Sat 26th Oct: 2.30pm
Sat 26th Oct: 7.45pm

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